About Us


Licensed for 23 years total

Started out with a Home I license = maximum 8 children Upgraded in 2006 to Home II license = maximum 12 children with 2 providers I commit myself to continued early childhood education I get involved with professional organizations such as ChildCare Share, Midwest Childcare Assoc., and NFCCA.


Our full time helper has recently come aboard since November 2013!  My mother has semi-retired after having helped since I started Childcare in 1995.  She will be an on-call/substitute helper as needed.


Danielle is Kare-bears full time helper. Danielle has been aboard Kare-bears since January 2018. Dani comes from a background of caring for her younger brothers and other relatives.

She also has managerial experience which is a great asset to the child care environment.

Dani presents many exceptional qualities for all the children including consistency, playful learning within boundaries, daily one on one-time, personal interaction, patience, consolation, creativity, and organization, amongst many others!


Yuleini has been aboard Kare-bears since November 2017. She is a part time assistant who is a true Spanish speaking helper with a Spanish cultural background. 

Yuleini has two young children of her own. Her Spanish speech is a true asset to Kare-bears and the children.

What better way to learn Spanish and the culture than to hear it directly on a daily basis during routine interaction! In addition, she has a superior organization quality which has helped me with the overall dynamics in the child care. Yuleini works with the children in a few different specific words each week to empower them to know and speak Spanish. This gives the children much confidence and knowledge in this day and age!