Our Programs


We love infants here at Kare-Bears!

When we are able to grow with a child from infancy forward, it is truly a blessing and bonding experience for both! The infant learns to form necessary secure attachments from early on in his/her life. With Kare-Bears, you, as a parent, can rest assured that you’re infant will form loving and familiar bonds with loyal and long-term providers

In addition, research shows that infants need a variety of stimulation for optimal emotional growth. Therefore, we at Kare-Bears, believe we offer this through making sure the infant is exposed to a varied environment throughout the day through infant toys, swings, exer-saucers, tummy time, bouncers, as well as simply being walked and placed in different areas of the daycare!Yes, toys are disinfected on a daily basis! Infants will also be exposed to Spanish on a regular basis. With infants being sponges, they will have the opportunity to absorb many Spanish words!



Toddlers are provided with a combination of a structured and semi-structured environment in which to explore.

Toddlers are striving to learn through use of both large and small motor skills. We at Kare-Bears work with each child on his/her own unique path to success in these areas. 

Toddlers are encouraged to crawl/walk around the play area and explore all the toys on the low shelving. This stimulates their learning environment to include the large motor skills. sign language and Spanish exposure is continued and advanced from infancy – new words are learned while some are still signed as well as new signing is being taught.



Preschoolers also have structured and semi-structured combined into their day with more emphasis on structure at this point in their development. Kare-Bears strives to prepare your preschooler for successful school years ahead.

Our pre-school, is centered around play-based learning. For years I have conducted preschool with a structured boxed curriculum, but I am proud to now teach child-led, out of the box style!

All children will learn colors, shapes, letters, numbers, painting, coloring, gluing, Spanish vocabulary, (and much more) all through hands-on, interactive fun learning! Young children love to learn through sensory play, dramatic play, and manipulative play, all while having fun doing so.



School-aged children are welcomed at my daycare. We have an optional time slot in which children are able to work on their homework. Free play is encouraged School-aged children love to be able to be “helpers” to the younger children from time to time and is encouraged.

Just some of the schools to where I transport to and from: Benson West (walking distance), Rosehill, Adams, Hillside, Western Hills, St Pius X, and Dundee

On our classroom table, away from our little ones, school-aged children have ample opportunity to play board games, legos, color, or any other group activity that is offered. Our backyard play area is a favorite of this age group!