Our Success Stories

This is our testimonial page. It is full of happy family stories; actually our success stories and family partner experiences with Kare-Bears Childcare staff, quality of our service, our programs and much more. 

…a happy family

I knew it would be no easy task when it came down to choosing a childcare provider for our third child. Having stayed home with our older two children until they were school aged, I had a sense of “guilt”, you could say, when the time came for us to search for a child care center for our youngest. I was determined to find the best fit for our child. Karen and her provider assistants made this a smooth, easy transition for us.

After interviewing different providers in a variety of home settings, I knew right away that Karen was the best pick. Karen provides a structured, diverse environment in an inhome setting, which is not always easy to find. She is affordable, loving, and has years of experience that allows you a sense of trust, confidence, and reliability when leaving your child in her care. I would absolutely recommend Karen to anyone who is searching for a child care provider.

Amanda Sanger


Our son has been attending Kare-Bears Child care with Karen for almost 4 years.  My husband and I have been very pleased with our experiences with Karen and her helpers.  I was very nervous about putting our child in daycare when he was an infant but Karen made the transition painless for me.  Early on when our son was an infant I would text her throughout the day for updates and Karen would always get back to me and on occasion send me pictures which was comforting.  I definitely don’t worry about my son in daycare anymore! Our son loves going to daycare and enjoys all the activities and crafts that the kids get to participate in.  She also provides preschool activities.  When the weather is warm the kids get to go play outside in her large play yard, and on occasion, my son is having so much fun he doesn’t want to leave!

If you are looking for a positive, fun, learning environment for your children then you should definitely look into Kare-Bear’s Daycare!  I promise you won’t be disappointed.  I couldn’t ask for a better daycare provider for my son.                                  

The Bernhardt Family


Whenever I arrive in the early morning hours to drop off my children, Karen meets us with a smile and a sweet scent of breakfast in the background.  I know I can count on her to be there each and every morning.  This is one less thing to have to worry about.

Karen provides a daily routine, stimulating preschool curriculum with Spanish, and a weekly craft on wheels.  Special outings include: a trip to the pumpkin patch, cool fun in the pool, and an educational trip to the zoo.

Parents are always made aware of who is on staff and what they can expect for the day on the front door. Karen’s communication is exceptionally helpful through use of videos, photos, and texts throughout the day. 

Karen knows my child well enough that she can tell if my child is just having a bad day or really not feeling well. I can count on her accurate assessment of what kind of day my child is having.

I will miss her when my children have out grown her care service.  She is a very compassionate individual, who genuinely loves working with children.  She has agreed to care for my children in a pinch.  I greatly appreciate all the professional daycare she has provided for me throughout the past eight years.                                                                            

Angela, April 2015

…another happy family:

My children have been going to Kare-Bears since spring 2007.  We interviewed 6 or 7 day cares before choosing Kare-Bears.  It is clean, organized, and provides healthy snacks and lunches.  Kare-Bears is a great environment for learning social as well as educational skills for children. Kare-Bears have pre-school crafts and field trips for the children.  They also have provided parenting tips, recipes, and updates on all daycare activities. We love Kare-Bears and feel very lucky to have our children attend there.                                    

–   Andrea C.

…another happy family: 

I have been taking my two children to Karebear’s Daycare for the past 4 ½ years.  My son started when he was 12 weeks old.  When he was 2 weeks old he was diagnosed with a heart condition that required him to have medication 3 times a day.  We had to trust a total stranger (since this was our first daycare/parent experience) with giving his meds as needed.  It went well and 10 months later he was off the medication.  We have been very happy with the care our children have been given while in their care.  As infants the food program provided the formula for them, which to any family is a significant help with costs.  The rates are the best I’ve heard of out there when speaking with friends and co-workers.   So much so, that with two kids and using a flex spending account at work, almost half of our daycare costs are reimbursed to us weekly and tax free.

 As they get older they get to participate in the preschool program and crafts.  My children love the crafts they bring home each week, as well as the preschool artwork they get to make as they are learning.  Each lesson is geared toward their age range which is nice for the little ones just starting, and the bigger kids who have already learned a few things.  My son is always coming home telling me all about his day and what he learned.  He will start kindergarten this fall, and getting preschool at daycare has greatly increased his chances for success in school.  We feel he is fully prepared to make the transition not only socially, but academically as well.   This fall when school starts, she will be providing our son with transportation to and from school and daycare.

We receive newsletters concerning the goings on of the daycare as necessary, and are always up to date with what is happening.  Karebear’s takes the kids on field trips when they can to places like the zoo and children’s museum and our kids always like that treat.  We are very pleased with the care our children receive and always recommend Karebear’s Daycare to friends that are looking.   

–  Brenda M.

…another happy family:

It is so comforting to know that each day when I go to work I am able to leave my child at daycare where she is truly loved.  The staff at Kare-Bears have been instrumental in providing a safe and learning environment for my daughter.  She is excited to go there every day, and the staff, treat her like she is one of their own.  The childcare provides fun activities for the children to do, both indoors and out.  I love the fact that there is consistent structure on a daily basis and my daughter loves the interaction that she has with the other children. 

The care she has received over the year, and in the next few years, will be a great basis and building block for when she starts school.  I know every day that when I drop my daughter off that she will have the best care that any daycare could give her.     

                                                                                             –  Melissa P.

We hope you enjoyed reading what our satified families shared with us. We feel so greatful fo having had the priviledge of partnering with each one of them!  Thank you!

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